Villa Orechovka II.

DATE 1997
INVESTOR Private investor
LOCATION Villa reconstruction and extension, Praha 6 - Ořechovka


The villa was built in the late 20's of the last century and represents the "builder's architecture" of its own time. Its uniqueness, more than its own facade concept or original interior richness, is determined by its location at the end of attractive residential district, by significant residential building neighbourhood and quite big adjacent garden. Not too high original substance quality has led to conceived generously inner reconstruction with aim to open the maximum of the space. The next quality solution has been performed by additional two-object construction; they are linked to the mansion lowest storey: indoor pool and double garage. This new volume creates a natural estate division to a street part and a private, dwelling part. A severe pool's shape, which is trenched below the ground main level, is maximally interconnected with its surrounding. Its sliding glazed facade affords a yearlong, visual contact with the garden. In the summer time it becomes a part of the exterior, because it is possible to slide the windows away. The garage is a massive joint block made of architectural concrete, the space for cars is recessed. Both new objects, due to their ascetic form, clearly denote their additional meaning and the time of their origin, and do not disturb the mansion dominant role. The overall expression restraint is emphasized by small amount of natural material used: walls - formed concrete, lining - black riven slate and stainless steel, windows - mahogany. The author of interior concept is Weinkath Möbeldesign company, Hamburg.