Villa Trebonice

DATE 1997
INVESTOR Private klient
LOCATION New house construction in Prague 5


The family house construction estate consists of two minimum lits along K Chabům Street at the southeast edge of Třebonice. The estate is slightly declined southwards, from the communication and neighbouring development direction. The land configuration was an inspiration for the concept of the house with the compact walls northward and eastward, towards the communication, and open, glazed facade (without window sills and arches) southward and westward, were is a beautiful view of the landscape. The house position near the north and east border enabled to create compact area for habitable garden in the southern part of the estate, which is out of sight from the street. The two-storeys house consists of three parallel volumes, which follow the slope contour with communication. The ground floor disposition meets inhabitants' living and social requirements - the essential part of the ground floor is a "living hall" with several direct entrances to the garden. A kitchen, made of different material, is "inserted" into the "living hall". The ground level floor follows terrain sloping tendency, it allows direct entering into the garden terraces also from other rooms. On the first floor in the northern part, there is a bed-sitting room; the remaining part consists of a workroom and a bedroom with a bathroom. A roomy hallway with the staircase is in the disposition center and has a ceiling lighting. The used materials - ceramic blocks Porotherm and reinforced floor slab with concealed girders. All glazing is in system aluminium sections. The outer surfaces - scratched plaster with colour coating; forge and plumbing elements - graphite coating + awnings, outer staircase - architectural concrete. An external leaf, made of "havlovický" sandstone, is added to the garden support walls and to the winter garden wall. The interior materials - solid oak wood, natural stone, smooth coat with colour waxed coat in places, ceramic glazed mosaic - the combination of white and rich color surfaces.