Gym in Troja

DATE 2004
INVESTOR Townhall Prague-Troja
LOCATION Prague - Troja


DAM architekti


The building is a new one – an extension to the existing school building in Prague -Troja. The old gymnasium formed the quite independent North wing of the school building dating from 1927-28. Although it will be first and foremost a school gymnasium, its utilisation will be much wider. The building and its grounds were conceived also for commercial use including the possibility of housing social events of the Prague – Troja city district. The mass of the building respects its surroundings – the height of the surrounding buildings, 5m clearance from the boundaries of the site etc.) and corresponds to the mass of the existing school building, including the layout on a horizontal line. The gymnasium building is slightly set into the terrain to minimise the height of the new building. Connection to the architectonically good quality old building is provided by means of the glazed mass of a connecting neck. This glass hall forms a clear watershed between the old and the new.