Institute of Noblewomen in Prague Castle

DATE 2004
INVESTOR Prague Castle Administration
LOCATION The former Rosenberg Palace, now Institute of Noblewomen at the Prague Castle, Prague


DAM architekti


The large property of former Rosenberg Palace, now Institute of Noblewomen has experienced complicated construction development from the Romanesque period up to now. The visible building history began with creation of the Renaissance Rosenberg Palace and the adjacent Švamberk House. In the middle of the 18th century, an architect Nicollo Paccassi involved both buildings into new building construction. The grounds for a new building were expanded towards All Saints Church. The new-built Institute of Noblewomen, with its monumental facade, became a remarkable accent of the Prague Castle panorama. The existing building form can be characterized as a broken corridor double aisle, spread around three courtyards. At present the reconstruction has been realized by stages. The reason of it is to make a part of the object open for visitors. So far the basic static corrections have been realized, a part of the office and entrance space has been reconstructed and the Prague Castle art collections new depositary has been built. In the rooms with preserved period plaster painting there have been built temporary ateliers for textile, pictures and other historical objects restoration. Two courtyards have been converted into parks and a new view terrace has appeared on the southern front facade.