Villa Kobylisy

DATE 2007
INVESTOR Private client
LOCATION U školské zahrady 21, Prague 8, Kobylisy


The house is built on a sandstone cliff, which lines the valley at a height of around 20m with the low-rise development of old Kobylisy.
The construction site offers an unusually panoramic view over the Prague basin.
The exceptional nature of this locality is balanced by the insignificant area of the site, which is only 319 m2 . The vertical line of the new building is slightly rotated diagonally towards the horizontal of the neighbouring detached house.
The architectonic expression of the house is determined by the composition of 3 beams, which mutually intersect each other and are distinguished with different colours – dark Pompeii red, dark olive green and dark grey-purple lilac. Where possible, the colouring of the walls inside the house corresponds to that of the exterior facades.
The house has four floors of varied height, connected by an interior stairway.
The main residential building draws inspiration from Loos's Raumplan, with a higher space leading to the garden on the South-Western side of the house and a second, lower space containing a kitchen-dining room and the entrance spaces of the building.
On the upper floor are located three children's bedrooms and a master bedroom with bathroom and facilities.
An office with a library and terrace is located on the uppermost floor.
A narrow garden surrounds the house on all sides. It is fenced in and is wider on the Southern, valley side and delineated by a boundary wall of face concrete.