St. Nicholas Church in Čečovice

DATE 2000
INVESTOR Customer: the Roman Catholic Parish in Staňkov
LOCATION Historical renewal of the St. Nicholas Church in Čečovice


DAM architekti


The unique Gothic jewel in a remote border region of Bohemia was ashamed of its disrepair and outworn appearance during our first visit in 1994. The underflooded and shattered brickwork full of deep, brickless holes, derelicted interior including the pulpit fragment and the baroque altar, faded away incense scent and devout chant... Omnipresent filth and pigeon guano all around... The winter silence and a creeping cold dusk...The same story of despair as for many others during the last fifty years However, under the ruinous coat, there was hidden a fabulous church, a precious gem, an example of the noble origin, a building which evokes the feeling of ability to fly over the horizon, to the land of joy and happiness. Somewhere there was an idea born, the idea, which seemed to be non-realistic one - to repair the church and to open it again... Finally, thanks to customers persistence and determination, and the strong belief, that all troubles will be overcame, the project was originated. Advance workings, archeological research and the first plaster probing started. Immediately it was clear, that the project was just a clue for an overall scheme. The overall scheme was based on consequent restoring approach to entire building reconstruction and total submission to the original, without inventive ambitions. The method of qualified selection was used. It helped, after detailed argumentation of the professionals, to correct any following working procedures in consideration of undisputed art and ancient value. An independent and difficult chapter represented the inner lighting solution, due to in-floor lights it was possible to illuminate the walls and the vault without lamps, which can cause disturbing effects. On account of new discoveries it often was necessary to rectify all the activities during frequent working parties. Present appearance is the consequence of it. It remains to mount the baroque mobiliary restored fragments and, of course, to make use of the church in proper way...