Villa Orechovka I.

DATE 1995
INVESTOR Olga and Václav Havel
LOCATION Prague 6, Ořechovka
COOP DAM architekti


The Art Deco style villa was renovated from the foundations up. The reason was the renewal of original construction elements and their nuances. The plans also included design of some of the new fitted furniture, for example bookshelves. The newly built pool in the Southwestern part of the site is partly inset into the slope and in its simplicity remains subordinate to the villa. The glazed North facade opens onto a garden. The interior serves as a sala terrena with the floor on the level of outside garden. The sun's rays penetrate through a ceiling aperture of circular shape. Water heating is solved with the aid of geological shafts. The garden is protected by a boundary wall from rapidly patinating sandstone, which will soon be covered with climbing foliage, not only on the inner side, but also rather along the entire street frontage